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About Us

Welcome to Megan Thöle Biokineticists. We have 3 fully-equipped Biokinetics practices situated conveniently in Brystanston. Our goal is to ensure that our patients receive optimal care and achieve the best possible results to obtain maximum functional capacity.

Exercise is considered medicine at Megan Thöle Biokineticists and we use clinical and scientifically based exercise programs to help manage and rehabilitate lifestyle conditions and physical health & wellness. We believe that a strong healthcare network provides the fundamental base that is required to achieve optimal results!

What Is Biokinetics

Biokinetics is concerned with the rehabilitation of injury or disease. Biokineticists prescribe scientifically and medically based exercise and movement programs as a tool of rehabilitation. This form of rehabilitation is also utilized as a means to educate, empower and equip individuals to take control over their physical condition.

Our Services

Our services include final phase rehabilitation of both orthopedic and medical conditions, sports injury rehabilitation, posture evaluation and correction, and enhancing your performance for both sport and work. We also offer prescription, follow-up and guidance of specific exercise programs to patients during recovery as well as post-recovery.

Look no further if you require your Momentum Multiply Fitness or Discovery Vitality tests. We are partnered with Momentum and Discovery and are qualified and equipped to provide your assessments at one of our conveniently situated practices.

The Team

Meet our friendly team of highly qualified Biokineticists. Whether you are in final phase rehabilitation, have an injury that is holding you back, or require any assistance in achieving total well-being, we would be happy to assist.

Megan Thöle Biokineticists - Megan Thöle

Megan Thöle

BSC (Human Physiology), BA:Hons (Biokinetics) Univ. PTA.

Megan Thöle Biokineticists - Neal Van Heerden

Natalie Pearse

BA (Sport Psychology),
BA:Hons (Biokinetics)

Megan Thöle Biokineticists - Neal Van Heerden

Tamlyn Hetem

BA (Sport Science),
BHSC:Hons (Biokinetics)

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For your convenience we have strategically situated our practices in different parts of Sandton and Bryanston, allowing you to choose your ideal location to see us.


6 Moray Drive, Bryanston, Sandton

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6 Moray Dr, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191.

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